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Master.5.756 paul godin Bedford st Cat.5.713 larry gladding Leominster st Cat.5.646 dave couture Westminster st Cat.5.618 george mirijanian Fitchburg st Cat.5.825 bruce felton Fitchburg st Cat.5.717 arthur barlas Chelmsford nd Cat.0.667 KEN gurge Leominster nd Cat.0.622 gary brassard Leominster st Cat.5.608 ralph mcneilage Worcester. Everyone who shows up for Round 2 next Wednesday, Feb. O'Rourke Memorial tournament will receive a half-point bye for Round. O'Rourke Memorial, February 21st, 2018 Round 3 of 5 Results White Result Black #9812 Larry Gladding 1-0 Ray Paulson Dave Thomas 0-1 Roger Cappallo Paul Godin 1-0 Ralph McNeilage Mike Meehan 0-1 Geoff LePoer Bill Burke 0-1 Bruce Felton Don Briggs 0-1 Diego Ubiera Bob. Players must be present by 7:00.m.

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Biglow Board 14: Hankard. Commisso scored 4-1 to tie for 2nd-6th and share the 2nd-thru-4th-place prizes with four other players in the Class C section. Ubiera Board 13: Biglow. Fratturelli Board 15: Bastarache.

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(5) Gladding Board?: (3) Cappallo. Black 1 Paul Godin (3.0) Roger Cappallo (3.5) 2 Gary Brassard (3.0) Bruce Felton (3.0) 3 Dave Thomas (2.5) Ray Paulson (2.5) 4 Arthur Barlas (2.5) Jim Hankard (2.5) 5 Larry Gladding (2.5) Jim Donahue (2.5) 6 Mike Meehan (2.5) Ken Gurge (2.5) 7 Ritvik. Prior to the 201718 season, the league was officially called. Couture Board 12: O'Rourke.

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For more info: contact Jerry Williams. In order to be paired for Round 2 on March 21st. Ostrowski Board 13: Biglow. Rivera, competing in the 26-player Class D section, is tied for the lead at 3-0 with Adam Credit of Connecticut. Pulya.0 Briggs, McLaughlin, O'Rourke, Rivera, Gawboy Projected Round 3 Pairings for March 28th: Board White.

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Commisso Board 5: Brassard. Pulya Board 15: Briggs. Who will win the 2018 edition of the O'Rourke Memorial? #9821 Receiving half-point byes were Ray Paulson, Rob King, George Mirijanian, Vince Premus, Alan Condon, Wayne Steadman, Francis Scanlon and Nik Lavoie.

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Reminder: Your digital electronic chess clock doesn't like the cold either! Pulya, Petullo, Ostrowski Projected Round 2 Pairings for January 10th: Board White. Lavoie Board 3: Rivera.

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Briggs Board 16: Lingner. Gurge Board 4: Bennett.