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One hand clapping kinda thing. Duwao me yaad rakhna.

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For the record, I think Pants Status is much more cosmic / less specific than that narrow definition, but it's a fun way to use. Chuck: I just found it funny, was bored and wanted to think of something new to do with twitter. Yeah, i wanted to make one for discord!

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I've attached a couple tweets where I tried to get Xeni Jardin's attention with the power of Pants Status (unsuccessfully.) see pictures section below. Chuck: I never used a hashtag because I don't think hashtags were used that much yet when I first started Pants Statussing. Memes, Whatsapp, and Selected:.I.P WhatsApp Status 23:18 O Status Your current status Available Select your new status Available Busy At school At the movies At work ngineerin runda You will be missed Accha chalta hoon.

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Minnesotan documentary filmmaker and general pants enthusiast. Memes, Whatsapp, and : every whatsapp status IS secret message FOR someone. Whatsapp, Indianpeoplefacebook, and Karna: USS ladke KI masumiyat PAR kabhi shak MAT karna, jiska whatsapp status HAI.

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Memes, Whatsapp, and : nowadays 99 relationships endsin NN funk YOU either blocking OR whatsapp statuses. Some features of this site may not work without.

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Doctor, Memes, and Whatsapp: "Falls Sick" "Posts on FB" "Whatsapp Status" "Tweets about it" Starts a blog about being sick" Forget to visit the doctor" "dies" belikebro belikebro, memes, Whatsapp, and : ver WhatsApp status is a silent message for someone special. Chuck: I don't remember the first time I tweeted my pants status. The oldest I'm allowed to see is this in Aug 2007: Pants status: Recently frozen.

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Memes, Whatsapp, and : every whatsapp status IS alwayilent message FOR someone. Tak sedikit yang mencaci hingga memaki pemilik akun tersebut.