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Gay activists applauded the decision. There are specialized courts of first instance for family litigation or bankruptcy in some comarcas. In 2003, the anti-piracy law was created and it punishes the criminals with penalties that go up to four years imprisonment plus the charge of a fine.

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The State of So Paulo had the largest number, 222,807 lawyers, one third of all working lawyers in the country. The Judicial powers are vested upon the Federal Supreme Court, the Superior Court of Justice, the Regional Federal Courts and Federal Judges.

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The lesbian population was.9 and the bisexual women another.4 (total.3 of the female population). One of them happens through inpi (National Institute of Industrial Property that uses conscientization as the main attribute of these initiatives. All judges and justices of the peace are now bound to approve civil unions known as Unio Civil "between persons of sound mind and independent sexual orientation" in the state.

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Following Brazil's example, other countries in South America have made major advances in the recognition of same-sex relationships, including immigration rights, for example, Colombia in 2009. The judges of the courts are nominated after a selection process.

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This gave some rights to same-sex couples through stable unions. The starting median income was R140,000, and the top median was R270,000 per year.

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With few exceptions, the only professions open to them are nursing, domestic service, hairdressing, gay entertainment and prostitution. The Brazilian lesbian population was.9 of females with bisexual women reaching.4 (for a total.3).