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Revan and Malak did not fall to the dark side in a single moment. 1, numerous epochs were used to determine calendar eras. 3, one particularly notable epoch is the. Battle of Yavin as its epoch, or "year zero.".

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The Galactic Standard Calendar is the standard calendar system used to reference all. The Galactic War ends. Imperial Victory in orbit. Destruction of Chagrian colony. Imperial forces attempt to seize the planets shipyards from Republic defenders.

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Revan and Malak's descent into darkness actually began with compassion - the compassion that compelled them to enter the Mandalorian Wars. In 25 ABY, the New Republic commissioned the New Republic Historical Council to re-standardize the Galactic Calendar.

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Arcann and Thexan lead raids against the Core Worlds; Korriban is the most notable world to be defeated. Battle of the Foundry. The Essential Guide to Warfare also places the Battle of Selaggis in 7 ABY, confirming the placement of the division between each Galactic Standard Calendar year as the third month in the Great ReSynchronization year. Sith Onslaught 3681 BBY 28 BTC Skirmish in the Tingle Arm.

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The First Battle of Dantooine. The historical council chose the Battle of Yavin, instead of the Battle of Endor, calling the former the more significant galactic event.

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Engagement in the Mid Rim. They turned after years spent in war and in defiance of the Jedi Council. 2 It was used by the New Republic, as well as the subsequent Galactic Alliance. Battle of Taral. Republic Heroes and Champions of the Empire engage Kephess.