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Invites are usually free (and easy enough) to get from gateway trackers so it's not even worth buying invites. The questions are usually very easy, unless you're an absolute retard and talk like you're on 4chan you will have no problem getting accepted. Want them both in one tracker?

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If you need details, just select the summary view to look at daily, weekly, monthly or yearly totals. What/CD (What, or WCD) was a very large private tracker focused on music content. Tracker staff are known to lurk /ptg/ and will ban anyone they catch sending an invite to an email posted there. The internet has lost one of the greatest things it ever created but our memories and stories can never be taken away. For limited times they have been known to have invite threads on PTP, BTN, AHD, SDBits, CN, KG and various other "well known" movie/TV trackers.

What is a WCD refugee to do?

Art of Misdirection ( AOM ) Large magic tracker, limited to professional magicians only. Theres over 130,000 movies available.

What is the best music tracker right now?

Joining private trackers isn't hard, but it takes time. BB : baconBits, a general tracker for redditors. Information like that could be used to harm or track you down should it fall into the wrong hands. Often babby's first tracker and used as a stepping stone for better trackers, has a decent request system. They have "invite lotteries" every few months where high-ranking users can bid their bonus points on invites for their friends, but don't count on getting in this way.

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These are the ones you want to. (Note that the best general source for books is and will always be Libgen or failing that, #bookz).

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It is possible to do quite well even on hard sites like Bibliotik even on a 100 kb/s upload speed provided you upload. Some have exclusive content that you can't upload elsewhere; some prohibit the use of Tor or VPNs, or even expressively forbid that you log on from anywhere else than your home connection; and. Server: t, port: 6667, or 6697 for SSL. Some trackers like IPT are enemies of the cabal and supporting these in any way on cabal-controlled zones (such as cabal forums or /r/trackers) will get you into trouble.