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Katrina's wind estimates were lighter than Camille's, and the central air pressure was slightly higher, but Camille was also a much smaller storm, so the greater impact of Katrina's surge may be due to the size. 15 Debris cleaning in waterways continued at least through 2009. That's all I remember.".

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More than 584,000 people were left without power in Alabama immediately after the storm. Once you analyze how many non-bums? Joe Frazier or Clay/Ali but even Shavers' better KO'ratio would pose no threat nowadays (except for the usual "hitter's chance. As gasoline was in short supply even for emergency workers, the parish banned gas sales to the public for several days, arousing the ire of many locals. The governor instructed state agencies to take care of human needs first and worry about paperwork later.

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Tammany as the westerly winds from the southern eye wall pushed the surge to the east, backing up at the bottleneck of the Rigolets Pass. 22 Some damage was reported in inland Alabama, as well, particularly related to fallen trees. By the afternoon of September 5, with a total estimated number of over 230,000 evacuees in Texas, Governor Perry ordered that buses begin being diverted to other shelters outside the state resulting in 20,000 being sent to Oklahoma and 30,000 being sent to Arkansas.

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Eventually, 30,000 arrived at the Superdome before they were evacuated. They all won against Shavers.

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City officials then opened two additional buildings adjacent to the Dome, the Arena, and the Center, as well as the George. The bridge between Bay. New Orleans edit An aerial view of the flooding near downtown New Orleans. Beginning with a convoy of 50 buses (2,700 people) that arrived at Reunion Arena in Dallas at 3:00 AM CST on September 3, a wave of over 120,000 additional evacuees began pouring into Texas at a rate such that, as of September 5, it was estimated. Archived from the original (PDF).

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Surviving Shavers and surviving the Klitschkos are worlds apart. Earnie Shavers' hard hits were mainly dangerous in the first rounds Additionally Shavers was not dangerous in later rounds (unlike the Klitschkos who are dangerous from the first minute to the last How many fights did Shavers have that went 7 rounds? " Rice: Race Not An Issue In Efforts Staff writer, CBS News, September 4, 2005, Retrieved on August 29, 2006.