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As Barry sped to Iron Heights, where Joe was visiting, Cisco offered to help Barry break in, though Barry claimed to have known how to since age. He was willing to divulge the identity of the Flash to Leonard Snart in exchange that he kept Dante alive.

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Ramon, through all high school Cisco shared a room with his brother, Dante Ramon. Updates from The Motley Fool, latest updates on Cisco Systems from. Melinda Tores, who he claimed was the love of his life. Though Deathstroke pursued Cisco and Caitlin through the facility intent on killing them they find a gun created by Arthur Light, who Wells had fired for apparent insanity, which was capable of harming him.

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9 Sometime following his move, Cisco, along with Caitlin, met Felicity Smoak again during one of her visits to see the patient. Joe noted that they would have to find somewhere to hold them, as Iron Heights was less than ideal, and Cisco suggested the particle accelerator. Online NewsPaper for, cisco

Cisco later presented the rings at Ronnie and Caitlin's wedding. When Eobard was secured in the pipeline, he explained his plan again, which was to have Barry run fast enough to create a wormhole for Eobard to travel through to return to his own time, while Barry is given the chance to go back and. Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Cisco is a capable computer hacker, but his computer hacking skills are not at Felicity Smoak 's level. 2017 Barry has a change of heart, and brings the team back together to take down Top and Mirror Master. Labs During his first year.T.A.R.

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This also neutralized all of the powers of both Jax and Martin. Before the man could reply, he spat blood out and dropped to the ground, with Deathstroke appeared having murdered the guard. As Barry woke up, they discussed being able to find the meta-human's identity, whereupon Cisco instead nicknamed him The Mist. In an erased timeline, it later came to its use when Mark Mardon, having the exact if not stronger powers that Clyde had, showed up to avenged his late brother.

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When Cisco and Ronnie discovered some of the materials were insufficient, Cisco gave the plans for the "Time Sphere" to Eobard to examine, and asked how he fitted his Reverse-Flash suit into his ring. Cisco was later yelled at by Wells, who was furious Cisco built the cold gun, a weapon powerful enough to even harm Barry, despite his speed.