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34 Demographics edit By definition child begging occurs in persons younger than eighteen, though forced begging has been found by unicef to exist among children as young as the age of two. Many believe that the repeated failure of large-scale police operations to find any evidence of trafficking exemplifies the inaccuracy of the human trafficking statistics often"d by NGOs and the media, while others insist that failure to find human trafficking is merely indicative of its.

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34 In Turkey familial networks of beggars have been documented across three generations, making it deeply ingrained within their survival schemas. 3 Trafficked children are also often subject to domestic violence; they may be beaten or starved in order to ensure obedience.

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Some children were stolen and then sold. 83 Regional edit Regionally, the International Labour Organization has provided the following estimates for trafficking of children by region per year: 83 Asia/Pacific: 250,000 children Latin America the Caribbean: 550,000 children Africa: 200,000 children Transition economies: 200,000 children Developed/industrialized economies: unknown As the numbers above. The development of grassroots surveillance systems has also been suggested by unicef which would enable communities to immediately report signs of child trafficking to legal authorities. 3 In addition, trafficked girls face special obstacles, in that their prospects for marriage might be diminished if the community becomes aware that they have been trafficked, particularly into sexual exploitation. Preventative actions are more focused on addressing the actual practice of child trafficking, specifically by implementing legal frameworks that are aimed to both deter and prosecute traffickers.

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Supply and demand framework edit Child trafficking is often conceptualized using the economic model of supply and demand. 41 Many nations, such as Indonesia, have laws against begging on the books, but the repercussions for such entail temporary detainment and eventual release back onto the streets, which does little to combat the issue.

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It is usually not likely that each officer in a state is properly trained with the knowledge and skills needed in order to handle trafficking victims. Fore on the situation in southwest Syria. Indeed, Tier 1 represents a responsibility rather than a reprieve. US Department of State (June 4, 2008).