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Is my wallet address Legacy or SegWit? There is a chance that some sort of cyber-battle will break out between the two camps, perhaps even escalating to the point where bitcoins exchange rate(s) drops sharply, possibly to zero. If more companies drop BTC support in the future, things could get very interesting real fast. But most of my btc is in my legacy wallet and not my segwit wallet. HOW TO USE segwit addresses?

Bitcoin Legacy vs SegWit wallet address

Launch the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin application. This is done by removing certain signature with counting serialised witness data as one unit and core block data as four units.

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The implementation of a price discovery process is impossible because buyers are not free to interact communicate with each other as result of the censorship going on in bitcoin legacys reddit community with over 600k subscribers. Or try it yourself. This is called a replay attack. When you open your Bitcoin wallet, you are prompted to select between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and if you select Bitcoin: between legacy and segwit.

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But if that doesnt happen fast, and even if the 148 BTC chain appears non-active, a chain-split could, at the very least, linger for a while. BIP 148 nodes will never acknowledge the Legacy chain, so these will not switch regardless of which chain has more hash power. If you do decide to hold onto your bitcoins, the single most important piece of advice is this: Ensure that you control your own private keys.

Bitcoin Cash Surges as Businesses Abandon Legacy BTC

This is why there can be no price discovery if buyers are not allowed to communicate freely with each other. This is a pretty interesting opinion, which will create a fair few debates. My question is should I just get it over with me or is is conceivable that the network fees will get better in the future and I should just leave it? 148 BTC and Legacy BTC are initially stuck together.

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A segment of all Bitcoin users plans to activate a user activated soft fork (uasf) as described. Of course, you may need to upgrade your existing wallet or download a new wallet if and when this happens. Many of the same security precautions apply, however, so if you follow this guide, all your coins (including BCC/ABC coins) should be safe. In that case, there would be two types of Bitcoin tokens, which well refer to in this article as 148 BTC for coins on the soft forked chain, and Legacy BTC for coins on the chain that did not activate the soft fork.

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Or more precisely, August 1st will see the launch of a new coin, "Bitcoin Cash (BCC or "Bitcoin ABC (ABC that gives all current bitcoin (BTC) holders the equivalent of their holdings in these new coins. For some, this has meant looking to the world of altcoins, where the likes of Litecoin and Dash beckon. Check our tools section.