Review of, bitConnect (BCC ) : Scam or legit

We hate spam as much as you. In other words, your wallet issuer may impose standard transaction fees for transmitting payments to your BTC wallet. Furthermore, it is really worrying that Bitconnect won't reveal any algorithmic code about their bot. BitConnect is currently one of the most popular investment platforms and that is certainly not for nothing.

Bitconnect Review : Is it Legit?

Its a matter of persistent and instead of withdrawing money you have to reinvest it in the program. 1, paying with dollors and very low profit, 2, bitcoinnect not certified by legal decuments, 3, talking our investment for 2 years its too long time period, which site is better than? Only a handful people have the skills to create profitable trading bots.

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Keep in mind that if something is too good to be true, it usually. Over the past five days we have received an average interest rate.05. If the trading bot made losses, therell be no interest given. Bitconnect fees cover mining network costs to guarantee speedy and dependable processes as well as confirmation time.

Review BitConnect 2018: Scam or Legit?

You can withdraw the interest you receive daily at any time and exchange it to Bitcoins. You receive your earnings daily in your account and you can choose to reinvest earnings or to withdraw. This digital exchange built a new Android Bitconnect app that facilitates sending and receiving of BCC.

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It means you can mine new coins and gain interest from holding existing BCCs. In the historical data of the given interest rates from March 2016 you see that the average interest rate is around. The system gives all users the opportunity to earn BCC rewards by minting and mining.

Opinion : BitConnect is a scam - Cryptocurrency mining

Some traders say investing your money in Bitconnect bitcoin ensures more security than the BTC. You can decide which method suits you the best: Lending, Staking, Trading and/or Mining. The Bitconnect coin became an officially tradable cryptocurrency in December 2016 following completion of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

What is more reliable and trustworthy, Bitconnect

In the column Daily Reinvest you can see when you get an amount that can be devided by 10, so you can reinvest. Is BitConnect legit or a scam? It delivers its content to anyone who asks for.