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Should you wish to discuss any disciplinary measures against your account, you can email. We recommend you dont violate these laws anywhere at all, ever. Available from Stage.

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Purchased keys will remain in your inventory until used and can be traded to other players. Map pieces can be found on the various bosses that appear in the stages.

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Community Managers other ncsoft Staff. One way to facilitate this is to use the search feature before creating a new thread.

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Small print Any in-game suspension or ban will be duplicated in the forums. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Shugo Sweep, inflicts 566/567 damage on up to four nearby enemies. Recent Activities, nah, no need to go that far, just compare it with other NCSoft games. Harassing or Defamatory Content, for the same reason, harassing, bullying or defamatory content will also not be tolerated.

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Post 6/7 parts full knowl10 and you wont lose any stats. Legend has it there's vast treasure vaults full of gold and other riches. Instantly increases the HP at the Imperial Tombstone. If you dont see us responding, it isnt because we are ignoring you.

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We want to make these forums a positive environment for you to discuss Aion related topics, and to give us your feedback on the game. This includes, but is not limited to, bumping threads (except for guild recruitment discussions that deviate from Aion, and posting memetic images or phrases that add nothing to the discussion.

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Asuna Yuuki 9 hours ago. Nickrahnxah, replied to the thread, elite VET rewards.