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Carefully follow all of the above instructions. (see your renewal notice to confirm). Out-of-State Trained Individuals Verification of License (VOL) Form - You must provide this form to be completed by the state(s) EMS you have been educated in, states you currently hold or previously held a license from another state (. EMS Training Center Training Permit Eligibility Certification, F-00646 (Word). Current TLS Version: Welcome to, verify a License, to verify a license, select Individual or Business, enter search criteria and click Search to see the results.

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You may then log into E-Licensing and print a copy of your license. . This application is to be used by EMS Personnel to be credentialed with an EMS Service. Due to the transition to a new database, eLicense is unavailable for the Nursing profession. State EMS Agency Listing ). This application is used by EMS Personnel to be credentialed with an EMT Service.

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We strongly encourage you to set up your account and get your application in several days before the deadline in case you run into any challenges setting up your MiLogin account. If you currently do not have a license or have not previously applied for a license or certificate in Ohio, please select I dont have a License. If you currently have a Wisconsin E-Licensing account but are unable to access your account, you can recover your login and password information. Learn more at michigan. Do you need help registering?

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For further assistance, contact the. E-Licensing will communicate with you as you go through the application process. To access, click the gray Fast Track Renewal tab.

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Buy your hunting, fishing, snowmobile and ORV licenses here on the official MI DNR eLicense site. We take complaints very seriously.