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I tried running with admin privilegies and in compatibility mode but it diedn't work at all, comment By: dalba (dalba date: 18:13. O.d No such file or directory Bewertung und das hilft mir konkret wie weiter?

Fatal error: opening dependency file.dep/main

I now get this output: Code: C blinky make 0 main sh 5808 sync_with_child: child 4516(0x174) died before initialization with status code 0xC main sh 5808 sync_with_child: * child state waiting for longjmp /usr/bin/sh: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable 0 main sh 4040 sync_with_child: child 5156(0x174). C into the assembler code only. This is the makefile that came with the download.

O.d No such file

(objdir.o :.c @echo @echo (MSG_compiling) (CC) -c (ALL_cflags) -o @ # Compile: create object files from C source files. Edit The.dep folder has to be made from the command line: mkdir.dep./edit Last edited by RonBurke; at 02:38. Gdbinit_file _avr_gdbinit # When using avarice settings for the jtag jtag_DEV /dev/com1 # Debugging port used to communicate between GDB / avarice / simulavr.

275462 Build failed due to dependency files with spaces

Use lpt1 to connect to parallel port. # Each directory must be seperated by a space. In any event, after following RonBurke's instructions, I ran make in my directory again and it compiled without error.

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Keine sonder und/oder leezeichen in den namen. # -adhlns.: create assembler listing cppflags -g(debug) cppflags (cppdefs) cppflags -O(OPT) cppflags -funsigned-char cppflags -funsigned-bitfields cppflags -fpack-struct cppflags -fshort-enums cppflags -fno-exceptions cppflags -Wall cppflags -Wundef #cppflags -mshort-calls #cppflags -fno-unit-at-a-time #cppflags -Wstrict-prototypes #cppflags -Wunreachable-code #cppflags -Wsign-compare cppflags cppflags (patsubst,-I extraincdirs) #cppflags (cstandard) # Assembler Options #. include (shell mkdir.dep 2 /dev/null) (wildcard.dep # Listing of phony targets.phony : all begin finish end sizebefore sizeafter gccversion build elf hex eep lss sym coff extcoff clean clean_list program debug gdb-config Reply With", 05:39 PM #5 Hmmm, looks like perhaps a problem with WinAVR.

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# -Map: create map file # -cref: add cross reference to map file ldflags -Wl,-Map(target).map,-cref ldflags -Wl,-relax ldflags -Wl,-gc-sections ldflags (extmemopts) ldflags (patsubst,-L extralibdirs) ldflags (printf_LIB) (scanf_LIB) (math_LIB) #ldflags -T linker_script. gdwarf-2 -DF_CPU16000000UL -Os -funsigned-char -funsigned-bitfields -ffunction-sections -fpack-struct -fshort-enums -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wa,-adhlnsblinky. Daher: Leerzeichen in Datei und Ordnernamen sind etwas für BWL Studenten, die ihre Powerpoint Präsentationen ohne sie nicht mehr wiederfinden. Michi, markierten Text zitieren, re: fatal error: opening dependency file.dep/main. Program: (target).hex (target).eep (avrdude) (avrdude_flags) (avrdude_write_flash) (avrdude_write_eeprom) # Generate avr-gdb config/init file which does the following: # define the reset signal, load the target file, connect to target, and set # a breakpoint at main.