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The coins are rather exposed to the atmosphere in the area: the pages are collapsed on top of one another and are not protected from humidity or temperature in any appreciable way. For a fee, a grading service will certify the coins condition and protect it extremely well however, this can cause problems with storage and display.

Protecting, Preserving and Storing Your Coin Collection

Any moisture will result in the metal-to-metal contact corroding the coin. In any event, a coin can turn a downright ugly black or some other dark colour. Safes, in particular, can be useful to store coins, assuming that they are large enough to comfortably accommodate the various associated binders, albums, and drawers. Cleaned coins are considered "problem" coins, and as such they bring lower prices than similar coins that have not been cleaned. Fumes from PVC will seep into your neutral plastic holders stored in a PVC-laced vinyl page.

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In addition to protecting your coins from physical damage, coin albums and folders help you organize your collection by giving you a hole to place your coin inside the album. Select the size that matches the coin.

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Safe Deposit Box, one of the safest places to store your coin collection is in a safe deposit box at a bank. Storing your collection in a box, jar or just tossed into a dresser drawer will cause significant damage to your coins. Turning Stones, custom Creations, beyond this, some collectors build their own custom shelves with drawers. You dont want the coin to move or slide about in the holder.

How to Store Your Coin Collection Properly

Back during World War II they used a slogan to warn against giving information to the enemy: Loose lips can sink ships. Bob Scoles, Gulfcoast Coin Jewelry. Once your coins are housed in the holder of your choice, you may want to place them in a storage box or a 20-pocket page made especially for these holders.

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Other types of rigid plastic holders are manufactured by several well-known firms. Gangs of thieves have been known to follow a dealer for miles when leaving a coin show and breaking into the vehicle when he stops for food or gas.

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You need to impress on your relatives and friends that they are a risk to your collection if they talk about it to strangers, or even have their conversation overheard. Chlorine, chlorine causes a chemical reaction that will negatively impact the appearance of your coins.