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Dorsey, a personal investor in bitcoin, expects the cryptocurrency to be used for simple things like coffee and said its ascendance to world's currency will occur over 10 years, "but it could go faster the.K.-based paper reported. Retrieved December 25, 2013. "CHD Office Space: Square in San Francisco's Chronicle Building". The internet and the cloud are decentralising technologies, he says, but most businesses including Square still rely on centralised ledgers for record-keeping.

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First was that the square gadget was just the start of a business serving people underserved by traditional finance. I think less about how we define these things versus what problems were solving, he says. We dont want to replace a bank; we dont want to replace a financial institution, he says.

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Retrieved April 11, 2017. As a testament to his commitment to and belief in s long-term value creation potential, our CEO, Jack Dorsey, declined all compensation for 2017, the company said in a proxy statement filed Wednesday with the SEC. 35 He was named permanent CEO of Twitter on October 5, 2015. "12 of the most successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college".

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dead link "Columbia to host Square and Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey on September 16". Square, expects bitcoin to become the single global currency within the next decade, he told the Sunday Times newspaper. This may sound very much like banking business and indeed Square uses a banking partner to offer this service. "Me in my (very) short-lived days as a vintage clothing model: /p/hG5x5" (Tweet) via Twitter.

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"Innovator of the Year Awards". Square said in November that it would start enabling the buying and selling of bitcoin on its Cash app. "Jack Dorsey: The man with two brains".