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I guess I'll have to see if it's a win or not. Paying with a card not loaded onto the device requires opening the app on a mobile phone and selecting a new card to add to the rotation.

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Multi-account cards allow you to store information from multiple credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards on a single device that looks and works much like a regular credit card. Swyp: Holds the most cards Cost: 99, no annual fee. The screen displays barcodes too, allowing users to scan loyalty cards. Visa chip cards are not only more secure, they are also simple to use. One thing is for certain: Whichever card you choose, its sure to take some of the weight off your wallet.

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Though most users will probably stretch to fill their Swyp with that many cards, its certainly better to have more options than not enough.  The problem is the cards also give out your full credit card number and expiration date.  Next time you add a credit card to Amazon notice that they do not ask for the 3 digit code and a lot of other online and phone order stores don't either.

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The screen serves a number of functions: It allows you to unlock the device with a PIN, displays information such as card balance, account number, CVV and card type and even shows biometric security images, such as a photo of the cardholder and his. More Thoughts on, coin, right off the bat I can see a couple of negatives.

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Simplicity: Users dont have to carry multiple cards to maximize rewards and cash back. How it works: The most notable difference between Plastc and its competitors is that it has a large touchscreen that takes up about one-third of the devices face. At 105 per Coin, thats a pretty expensive fee. Chip cards and terminals work together to protect in-store payments. For consumers, this technology is embedded in credit cards, identification cards, passports and more.

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Its small screen allows users to see the type of card thats activated, as well as the last four digits of the card s account number and expiration date. Getting a Coin The folks that made Coin plan to make their money, at least initially, by selling Coin for 100.