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Have all your documents checked as per the checklist and place them in the order as required on the checklist. Hence a routine request for idlv certificates may not be made/filed with CGI/VFS Melbourne, it added.

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This website is maintained by, phang Legal, an incorporated legal practice in Parramatta and a leading provider of notary public services to clients across Sydney. Related stories, indian High Commission says not many affected by VicRoads refusal of driver licence. High Commission of India with a notarial certificate to confirm that you are the one and the same person who holds both the Indian Drivers Licence and the passport.

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Under the new process, VicRoads would not ask for the Indian driver licences verification (idlv) Certificate issued by the Indian Consulate at Melbourne at the first instance. Next, checklist and Application Forms, steps To Follow.

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The Licence Verification Certificate will only be issued in the exact full name as per your drivers Licence. Transit times by Courier are generally 1-3 days on average and may be higher in remote or rural areas. Our notary public services provides notarial certificates to meet the requirements of the. Earlier, a large number of Indian migrants had their Indian driver licences turned down by VicRoads, claiming those could not be verified as an original document despite verification certificates issued by the Consulate General of India, and were asked to obtain a Learners licence.

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We have established a dedicated channel for this process, Helen Lindner, Director of Registration and Licensing Practice of VicRoads told SBS Punjabi. Indian Drivers Licence Verification Checklist, including arranging for authentication by the, department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (dfat). VicRoads said it would continue to work with the Consulate and the Indian community to refine the process. Submission of fake documents to obtain passport/consular services is a crime and can lead to punitive action by the High Commission/Consulates.

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In January 2015, VFS introduced an important change to the Indian Drivers Licence Verification process. Important Note: There are some Road Transport Authorities in Australia which do not accept this idlv certification.