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Every wallet I've used mostly get it wrong. It "contains the PoC 3 version of Swarm as well as some minor improvements and bug fixes.".

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That is, sincerely, goddamn amazing. Obviously take many long years. The Hola VPN extension for Chrome was hacked on the evening of July. Are there not enough talented and production-capable developers available?

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Member, offline, activity: 331, merit: 305. A decentralized prediction market. Things are not rosy at all here. Why are these third party teams with often no budget deliver superior products which are essential to using Ethereum? Argumentum ad lunam: the fallacy that because Bitcoin's price is rising really fast the currency must be a speculative bubble and/or Ponzi scheme.

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They are foundational, mission-critical components that just have to be gotten right, and they are rife with hard problems to solve. Ethereum came a long way since July 2015, with many hurdles overcome and amazing achievements. One set of hurdles is deeply technical/academic and are mainly in the filed of scaling: creating sharding, figuring out Plasma, finishing Swarm, etc. Is there not enough capital in the whole sphere?

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"We are introducing a hybrid solution, that brings the swiftness of infura with the power and security of running your own Geth node. See More, mist Collecting Feedback.11.0 Release Candidate. If I want to transact with reasonable expectations, I always have to open fo and check their estimations. Honestly, I want to know. I've just tried to run Mist, multiple times.

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Could that be the reason why most tools are still hard to use or non-existent, even after three years? I can't get it to start. After connecting immediately to a remote node, your local node takes over all subscriptions and filters once it's up to date.". Then there are grave UX problems with Metamask as well. There is another set, which I would label with "user experience".