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Stamp - including the one-of-a-kind Lost Continental - America's only unique and rarest United States stamp (see exciting story in Jay Tell's bio) - an historic find. Works Cited Cogley, Timothy. The 'Iron Betty' Lamp was used in Plymouth Colony (perhaps at the first Thanksgiving?) and for the next three centuries burning animal fat, fish or vegetable oil, and quite cleverly designed to save the oil drippings for re-use.

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Stamp - it was soon to topple off its lofty perch. I will not take off for 30 days to test. Basically what this amounts to is people all wanting to buy products and services, but there are not enough products or services to fulfill all the buyers.

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Since childhood, Bobby suffered from heart-damaging rheumatic fever and knew, since the tender age of eight, he would not live a long life - but boy, did he live a full one! Perhaps billionaire Bill Gross? It was profoundly humbling to me as a youth, as it is today, to know that no other stamp - that I or anyone else will own - will ever equal its stature, majesty or value. Jay says, 'Collectors and investors enjoy priceless pride of ownership and seek future price appreciation. Today, perhaps only ten albums remain intact outside of those preserved in museums (Smithsonian, Sagamore Hill, Hyde Park).

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The 'singular sweet splendor' Lost Continental today is estimated at 3 million. The bracelet weight is perfect. It was rejected as a fake by major, longtime New York stamp dealers. This worldwide publicity increases interest in, and demand for, all rare stamps.

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Of five of these rarities known to exist, Jay has handled three, including the first. Here's more of Jay's original research on the 11 Nobel Prize gold medals which have been sold :- In 2012, Aage Niels Bohr's 1975 Nobel for Physics, for the particle theory of atomic structure, sold for about 50,000. Jay attended the University of Nevada, Reno and Las Vegas. A stream of people needs to sell for immediate cash. #C3) and the 24 Jenny inverted stamps C3a) - the most famous stamp errors in the world - are named for the Curtiss JN-4 'Jenny' biplane, an early barnstorming two-winged 'aeroplane' featured in detail in the first American airmail stamp's blue center, or 'vignette.' Speculation.

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His next three retail stores were in LA's San Fernando Valley - in Sherman Oaks Studio City and Tarzana, his largest, an upscale 2,000 sq ft retail showroom and auction gallery featuring an impressive holding of rare stamps and coins, classics, errors, inverted centers, historical. It was lost but later surfaced in a pawn shop. Simply clear or edit the numbers with your own. I received if 2 days ago. Liquidity equals strong buying power, assuring profits whether prices go up or down.

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Ml Bobby Darin, his son Todd, his wife Sandra Dee. A relative was stamp editor of the New York Post, so Jay grew up within both the journalism and philatelic communities. The CPI is used in many government programs including entitlements for school lunches and food stamps as well as the amount figured for tax deductions.