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You must use the boost button, then it makes a big difference. Rescue, analog style modelled signal designer, introduces spatial imaging as well as sonic resolution improvements to program material.

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If you're talking about what you can think, what you can feel, what you can listen and hear, then 'best' is simply marketing signals (ie. I mean, blurb doesnt exactly do his work justice! Alxi- Very fine, Saudade. Tweet about the event. It's not clear, however, when Tesla would start selling cars with the custom hardware.

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HF peaking is applied on fixed frequencies and the 10kHz filter performs as a shelve. I'm kind of in a mode right now where I don't want to use plug ins, just hardware.

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Incorporates some proven dynamic shaping approaches from the past, combined in a seamless fashion with some much more modern concepts in audio processing the best of both worlds. NastyVSD is a kind of summing device effects simulator and features some of the effects which can appear while going outboard (out of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and receiving a analog summed stereo mix back into the DAW. The 'PRO' tag makes me think this will be payware, or not? My ears are telling me this sounds better with it on, not much, but it does sound better.

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TesslaPro on the other hand. Thnx for the heads. It's kind of interesting but honestly I don't think I'll use it much if any. I completely love Tessla.