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Learn more about the applications for identity verification. Banks are required to keep records of identifying information and check customer names against terrorist lists. Typically when setting up a shared secret, consumers only pick one or two questions. Have a question that you dont see answered above? Part of the problem is that a good security question is hard to design.

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Learn more about IDologys solutions. This wasn't a mismatch between two different companies' systems, or the result of Honan's lackadaisical approach to passwords; this was a company disregarding its own measure, saying, effectively, these questions are a joke. Identity authentication is at the heart of online security.

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Where does all the information come from? Are there different levels of identity verification? At IDology, we can locate an identity using as little data input information as a name and address. The Credit Advice pages of the Site may contain messages submitted by users over whom Credit Karma has no control. Tymbal, answer: Option A, explanation: No answer description available for this question.

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ExpectID, ExpectID IQ, ExpectID Customer Based Authentication and, expectID Scan and Verif y products. . Anybody can post "This is correct." If this is of any value at all depends mainly only on who said it and possibly the score. It should not just give the binary information in/correct but also addres the "why.". Tip, if your previous job was with a large organization, your new employer might only be able to speak with an HR representative rather than your direct manager.

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Are there other terms to describe KBA? View Answer Discuss in Forum Workspace Report. But even if they had, it's very likely that the hackers would have been able to find the right answers (depending, of course, on the particularities of Honan's questions and answers). Answer: Option D, explanation: No answer description available for this question. Public data records include protected information taken from all sorts of records throughout an individuals entire adult life.

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IDologys ExpectID Customer Based Authentication solution allows companies to keep their data private and still be able to use it easily to verify their customers and without any internal employees having to be identity verification experts. And, Anglin wrote, to have a lot of fun. Although the word, public, may sound as if the information is accessible by anyone, this is not the case.