What will the Earth look like in 5,000 years?

Along these lines, he defined three classifications for advanced civilizations in the galaxy : Type I civilizations are masters of planetary energy, meaning that they can harness the sum energy of an entire world. Drew lives in Kent with his wife, two sons, a dog and a cat. Constant debt crises force a change whereby rampant consumerism is replaced by a more pragmatic value for money consideration. Sex and other dimorphisms ceased to exist. Yolanda Renee King is currently 9 years old.

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We might destroy ourselves with warfare or unwittingly ravage the planet with nanotechnology. Drew Wagar about his predictions for the next five, 50, 500 and 5,000 years. Let's just hope they don't use all that information to turn against. Theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku forecasts this transcendence occurring within a mere century.

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In the future, scientists predict that we'll have minuscule robots called nanobots swimming around our bodies and enhancing our natural abilities. Last week a man claiming to be a time traveller from 2030 made some startling predictions about what the future would bring.

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The world dropped under the water, he claims, after the ice caps melted. Los Angeles under water.

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Not only me, houses, buildings of course, all made form wood. His favourite colour is dark green. How did one of the planet's biggest cities end up underwater?

Time traveller from the year 5000 claims to have

"Picture your house disassembling when you leave in the morning so that space can be used for something else says Asapscience. On Earth, the planet is unrecognisable.

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In this episode of Asapscience, the boys run through some of the most exciting scientific breakthroughs that are being made today in order to propel our species into the future. We might even encounter an alien type II civilization long before we achieve that level ourselves. Storage will soon cease to be an issue for most users. They will have been seeded with water from the Kuiper belt and perhaps with minor orbit alterations, courtesy of managed asteroids, to make them even more habitable. Another person has come forward to claim they have time-travelled and they say they have chilling proof of the future of humanity.