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Youll have to kill everything from a distance before it reaches you Bloodpacks (Many) Recommended Many bats and no escape result in much damage. Dungeon North-West (19.1.0) Recommended Level: 15 Enemies: Spiders Scorpions Bats Ranged Weapon Required Its impossible to run away in this cave. Make plans to check out the only park in the world where diamonds are found and kept by visitors like you!

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Mauney owned another portion of the diamond mine, and he originated the idea of letting visitors pay to hunt for diamonds. Ark has a big amount of caves. Remember, they get to keep what they find. However, they didn't find any diamonds.

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Millar wrote that Parker found the diamond after heavy rains had fallen on the freshly plowed field. With a tamed Megalodon, you should be able to reach these caves with 100 max oxygen. Torch Required You need a torch to neglet the effects of the low temperature Stimberry Recommended Scorpions can cause an increase in torpidity. If you fail the jump, you will most likely die.

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Since the park opened in 1972, more than 30,000 diamonds have been found. Dungeon South (80.2.5 recommended Level: 5, enemies: Spiders, snakes.

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Chitin / Keratin This material is not exclusive in caves, but its available in high amounts due to the large amounts of insects. Loot Crystals have level requirements. Geologists believe these diamonds were formed millions of years ago with tremendously high pressure and temperature and shot to the earth's surface during a violent volcanic eruption. He saw some shiny specks in the dirt that he thought might be gold.

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John Huddleston, according to Millar, Huddleston discovered the first diamonds in Arkansas while he was spreading rock salt on his hog farm. In 1952, Howard Millar opened a tourist operation on Mauney's former portion of the diamond-bearing crater.