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Cryptsy API : Cryptsy is an online crypto-currency trading service that allows users to trade Bitcoins for a variety of alternative currencies and fiat currencies. "We have a significant footprint that comes from over ten years of successful deployments by CounterPath's customers said Todd Carothers, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Products at CounterPath.

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Use CounterPath APIs in a manner that adversely impacts the stability of CounterPaths servers or adversely impacts the behavior of other applications using the CounterPath APIs. From end-to-end security to user presence and user life cycles, creating a multi-user environment is hard. The CoinJar Trade API allows users to make queries to retrieve account information, get a list of Bitcoin addresses, retrieve addresses, and generate addresses. End call, voice Mail / MWI / Connect to VM Server. For example, your application may have a web page that provides information about customers for your employees to phone.

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CounterPath is now encouraging third-party-application developers to integrate their applications with Bria. To obtain a copy of Bria click here or follow the link to xLite. The service sues rest calls, returns json, and uses both SSL and an API key for authentication.

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Counterpath has launched an API for its Brea softphone system, often used by companies running call centers. Responses may be json or XML formatted. Counterpath does NOT provide support FOR THE sample applications. The API will expand the functionality of existing applications to include presence information, instant messaging, voice and video calls and retrieve contact information. CounterPath's rights apply to the CounterPath APIs and all output and executables of the CounterPath APIs, excluding any software components developed by you which do not themselves incorporate the CounterPath APIs or any output or executables of the CounterPath APIs.

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Licensed Uses and Restrictions. Sign up, popular repositories. Learn more about our interoperability.

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You shall place the following notice prominently on your application: "This product uses the CounterPath API but is not endorsed or certified by CounterPath.". Catchoom API : Catchoom provides image recognition technology built to interact with 3rd party applications. These terms grant you no right, title, or interest in any intellectual property owned or licensed by CounterPath, including (but not limited to) the CounterPath APIs and CounterPath trademarks. Your USE OF counterpath apis IS AT your OWN discretion AND risk, AND YOU will BE solely responsible FOR ANY damage that results from THE USE OF ANY counterpath apis including, BUT NOT limited TO, ANY damage TO your computer system OR loss OF data.

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In addition, you expressly waive and relinquish any and all rights and benefits which you may have under any other state or federal statute or common law principle of similar effect, to the fullest extent permitted by law. Bria's ability to use mobile and Wi-Fi networks gives businesses new options for "always on" connectivity while realizing cost savings through free Wi-Fi networks. The employee clicks on the customer phone number, which invokes a function from the Bria for Desktop API to place the phone call through the employee's Bria desktop softphone.