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Re-use a Mongoose connection const mongoose require mongoose / Basic usage nnect(connectionOptions e(session( store: new MongoStore( mongooseConnection: nnection ) / Advanced usage const connection e(session( store: new MongoStore( mongooseConnection: connection ) Re-use a native MongoDB driver connection (or a promise). Log grep    cut -f1-7 -d    sed 's etc/workflow/. E(session( store: new MongoStore( url: ttl: / 14 days.

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Js 4, 6 and. To have your database properly cleaned you should configure it to access the database. Exec type : test params: working_dir: work script: set -e set -v source./ source./venv/bin/activate test_ Note that this should probably move to the post: section - command: "nd" params: name: "perf" file: "work/perf.

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MongoDb ticket registry integration is enabled by including the following dependency in the WAR overlay: dependency /dependency This registry stores tickets in one or more. AsyncLogger name"ngo" level"debug" additivity"false" AppenderRef ref"console AppenderRef ref"file /AsyncLogger. Is there any clean operation which I am not aware of, which must be run in order to synchronize the database with database files on disk? Has anyone tried any of the above? Otherwise, it will create a new one, using ttl option.

How to compact MongoDB files and/or reclaim disk space in /var/lib

It should end up roughly like this: "deploy cluster - command: shell. Details, type: Bug, status: Closed, priority: Major - P3, resolution: Fixed. Tests npm test The tests use a database called connect-mongo-test. Useful if you want to use MemoryStore in some case, like in development environment.

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Log, log Level : Debug, loggers : rsionGarbageCollector, wait until the next slow Revision Clean Up event happens. Recently I decided to drop it because the data was outdated, to do so I dropped the collection through rockmongo's web interface.

Revision Clean Up task is running too slow on AEM Oak/Mongo

Finally, change "initialSync" to "initialsync" everywhere. Be aware that above command removes and do not save any corrupt data during the repair process. Exec params: working_dir: work script: set -e set -v source./ source./venv/bin/activate # This will either create a cluster, or update tags on existing instances. Delete all data over X number of days old.

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Built with React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB. Status, maintainer: judgedim, davert, stability: beta, contact: email protected, please review the code of non-stable modules and provide patches if you have issues. Dump - path to database dump populate: true - should the dump be loaded before test suite is started. In the "prepare environment" part: move mongodb_binary_archive from runtime. Root@satellite # mongo pulp_database ats pairDatabase ats exit, below command can be used to freeup the space of mongodb (it needs mongod service being stopped # sudo -u mongodb mongod -dbpath /var/lib/mongodb -repairpath.