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Tweet This, the globalist International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington,.C, maintains statistics of national assets reported by countries around the globe. Or in Japan, the spot gold price is theoretically the same everywhere. And international copyright laws and is the property of m and/or the providers of the content under license. These are low-end inflation adjustments based on a heavily massaged Consumer Price Index.

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Bullion investors should avoid collectible (numismatic) coins that carry high premiums over spot prices. The chart below allows you to check gold spot prices dating back 20 years up to the current date.

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Verify all costs and fees before you commit to buy anything. Bloomberg 06:54AM, old gold being sold to cash in on weak rupee. Some gold bugs believe a return to 1:1 parity will happen again.

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What are Some of the Factors That Drive Spot Gold Prices? Business Wire 03:45PM, gold settles higher, edges lower in electronic trade after Fed Beige.

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This live chart shows the current spot price for an ounce of gold. PMBull displays a different chart to readers accessing the site from a mobile phone. Premiums on retail bullion products may surge as a consequence. Do Gold Mining Stocks Historically Return Bigger Gains than Gold Bullion?

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Please contact us for any further information. Seeking Alpha 06:59AM, gold rises on Italian turmoil and fresh US-China trade turbulence. For more insight, you can also view long term gold charts and historical closing gold prices on PMBull. For more information, see our cookie policy. Storing Physical Gold Safely Its good to take a two-pronged approach.