How can I convert Protoshares PTS (Client.85) to current BTS

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D/ wget po yum install bitshares-pts. Last updated: Wed, 17:57:34 UTC. Cspa:PTS, global Price Average ( USD countervalue ).44, cSPA:PTS/BTC, global Price Average ( only for BTC trade ).96, cSPA:PTS/USD.

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Add repository and install manually, for, centOS CentOS-7 run the following as root : cd /etc/pos. I tried several documentations of how to migrate old PTS shares into the new format but am failing.

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Please send me product announcements, helpful advice, and special promotions. Note that every exchange trades different cryptocurrencies and might not offer trading with BitShares PTS.

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Grab binary packages directly, packages for, centOS CentOS-7 : Add repository and install manually, for opensuse Tumbleweed run the following as root : zypper addrepo po zypper refresh zypper install bitshares-pts, for opensuse Leap 42.3 run the following as root : zypper addrepo po zypper refresh zypper install bitshares-pts. "blocks" : 12289, "currentblocksize" : 1770, "currentblocktx" : 1, "difficulty" :.00012097, "errors" : "generate" : false, "genproclimit" : 3, "collisionspermin" :.65724820, "pooledtx" : 1, "testnet" : false, is it running at all? Binance check_circle, verified Exchange, please use referral ID: (Don't remove it on signup form). S BTS, total, bTS lunedio.257 5,836 1,500 1,500 sala-zar.257.285 1,501 adel7.255 1,569 400 1,901.255 9,167 2,338 4,239.235 4,000 940 5,179.228.28 5,181.228 5,000 1,140 6,321.22.2 6,323.,344.,449.,548.208 9,853 2,049. Global Price Average ( only for USD trade ).00, pTS is/are being traded as 1 market pairs with 1 base currencies of, uSD by the 24 hours volume.00000000 BTC at 1 exchanges of, c-CEX.