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On the Nasdaq, a fifth letter is added to stocks that are delinquent in certain exchange requirements: for example, acerw the first four letters is the stock symbol for Acer Therapeutics Inc. A stock symbol can consist of letters, numbers, or a combination of both, and is a way to uniquely identify that stock. Retrieved "isin Services-isin Code Application; PPM, Offering Memos". A Heico Cp Cl.00.80.00 311,700.50.66 HEP Holly Energy Partners.46.75.26 105,600.58.02 HEQ John Hancock Hedged Eqty Inc.15.97.10 43,600.17.00 HES Hess Corp.72.82.96 3,411,400.53.57 HES-A Hess.

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Funds E equity dividend PR preferred UN units H NEX market R subscription receipts W when issued IR installment receipts RT rights WT warrants United Kingdom edit In the United Kingdom, prior to 1996, stock codes were known as epics, named after the London Stock. A stock symbol is a unique series of letters assigned to a security for trading purposes.

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Prior to the 1999 merger with. Saturns Ge Series.43.32.42 14,100.29.56 HK Halcon Resources.120.815.090 4,874,600.330.93.

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M Fourth class preferred shares N Third class preferred shares O Second class preferred shares P First class preferred shares Q In bankruptcy proceedings R Rights S Shares of beneficial interest T With warrants or with rights U Units V When-issued and when-distributed. 1 To fully qualify a stock, both the ticker and the exchange or country of listing needs to be known. IPO Kit, listing Standards, cTA, market Reports, nYSE Data. "Stock"s Available For Download".

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