Token Authentication: The Secret to Scalable User Management

These tokens will have no description. Keywords: multiple access/e-banking/remote access, question: With Freja ID appliance, how can we address the case when an employee forgets his/her token at home? Building a Mobile-Ready Backend, using tokens for authentication in a mobile app allow you to easily and securely control which mobile devices are accessing your API. You cannot directly revoke a Management APIv2 token, thus we recommend a short validity period.

Token - excellence through guesswork

I've set it to be a year here. Both Access and Refresh Tokens have built-in security to prevent tampering and are only valid for a specific duration. Internet bank user directory and internal user directory).

Token Management Service - CyberSource

Todays launch of Token Management Service brings merchants a vital capability to better service their customers by enabling them to embrace and create new, frictionless and secure payment experiences and maintain their competitive edge. As additional clients are installed, they can point back to the TPS instance without having to reconfigure the TPS; likewise, as TPSs are added, they can point to the same CA, TKS, and DRM instances without having to reconfigure those subsystems. My token was compromised!

A Look at the Token Management System

Auth0 Management API v2, you need a token, what we refer. Audience: This is the value of the Identifier field of the Auth0 Management API. That sounds exhausting, right? Let me know; leave a comment. You can now make authorized calls to the Management API v2 using this token.

Token Management - Verisec

API Token Management, the API has always supported API token generation with the https API. Optionally, the Data Recovery Manager (DRM) archives and recovers keys for the smart card.