Awesome Miner - Getting started

Remote Agent should however not be installed on the computer where the Awesome Miner main application is installed. Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub seems to earn about 10 more 25 more (Ive since tweaked some settings and replaced the pre-packed ccminer to see even more profits! Managed Miner: Allows the user to set how and what they want to mine using Awesome Miner to control switching operations based on user input. 24 Hour Update : Looks good! 7) Login to your Mining Pool Hub account and click Auto Exchange in the menu at the top left ( ).

Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub Setup Guide

Regardless of that, I wanted to figure out how to mine while automatically switching to the most profitable algorithm without using Nicehash. The only other software you will need is a Bitcoin Wallet. Something else to consider is the fees of withdrawing BTC. Ill know more after 24 hours (Ill report back) as to whether I truly am making more than I was with NH but right now it seems to be about the same if not more. Thats not including the fact that you can cash out with a coin other than Bitcoin such as Litecoin or Vertcoin which both have incredibly low tx fees.

Quick Tutorial on using Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub

So I logged into my MPH account and went to Hub Workers in the menu and set specific algorithms for each worker (since I have different workers for each device). If youre interested then Ive written a guide to using palginmod with Awesome Miner. I recommend for Bitcoin wallet. All standard compliant asic and GPU miners are supported. BTC: eTH: lTC: xMR.

Tutuorial How to use MiningPoolHub with AwesomeMiner the guide

Check the box beside it and click OK, Return to Awesome Miner and click New Miner from the top menu like you did before. The guide has since been deleted from Nicehashs reddit by their moderators because everyone was discovering what Ive now discovered. You can use this site to convert all of your balances to see your total earnings: m 72 Hour Update : Still doing great!

How To Setup Awesome Miner For Nvidia AMD

Zpool : Requires Bitcoin wallet, mining Pool Hub : Requires login for account setup (Bitcoin wallet or other coin wallet required for payouts) For mining and payout with alternative coins this pool is my reccomendations. Heres the answer: As long as youve set an Auto Exchange coin, then once you start mining, the coins that you mine will eventually be converted to your Auto Exchange coin. Switching between Sgminer, Claymore Ethereum and more). This is the easiest setup if you only want payout in Bitcoin. .

Best Software for PC Crypto Mining - Awesome Miner - Tutorial

Now that you have completed the setup you will need to benchmark. . Sort by, community Details 7, online, awesome Miner is a Windows application to manage and monitor mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you would like to do the same, Ive written a guide for how to use palginmod with Awesome Miner ) in profit than Nicehash.  I would recommend clicking Select All at the bottom to benchmark each algorithm available. .