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Ultima, the High Seraph ( Giruvegan, Great Crystal ). Several characters appearing in the original series opening are colored incorrectly.

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Garland or, chaos trapped them in the, interdimensional Rift. Alphinaud also learns to summon the Obsidian and Moonstone Carbuncles, neither of which are currently available to the player as summons or glamours. Signature attack: The Scales of Wisdom Zurvan, The Demon, (Containment Bay Z1T9) - Summoner : Meracydian Centaur Race. Enkidu, Old Friend (Battle in the Big Keep) Summoner: Gilgamesh. Golbez can summon Shadow Dragon.

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Des Barres; Nicholas Dean (February 1997). USA staff (September 1996). Signature attack: Ultimate End Alexander, The Creator ( Soul of the Creator as Alexander Prime) Beast Tribe: Goblins of the Illuminati faction. Game Trailer Main article: Eidolon (Final Fantasy xiii) List of Eidolons Eidolons are are a unique embodiment of what lies inside each l'Cie 's heart and can transform during their Gestalt Mode. " Mega Man Collection Ships".

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He then walks outside and finds Proto Man, who gives him a message from Duo: "Thank You." Mega Man then looks up to the sky and says "Thank You" to Duo as his reflection is seen in the sky. Toonami Jetstream on July 23, 2007.

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Archived from the original on July 5, 2011. Archived from the original on December 2, 2010. Aside from a few minor conventions, the game utilizes the same 2D side-scrolling and platforming formula established by its predecessors on the.

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The other summon mode is the Chocobo Mode. Main article: Guardian Force List of GF Guardian Forces are used by junctioning them to a character. It was directed by Hayato Kaji, who had previously worked on the series as an artist.