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Icon 11/21/2017.33.56.23/share (stop was only.05 cents below). THC 8/23/2017.51.20.69/share (stop was only.14 cents below) Nice move today after my call. Mtbc 4/28/2017.51.93.42/share (stop was only.11 cents below) 27 move after my call today! QD 11/21/2017.01.42.41/share (stop was only.30 cents below). Amazing teamwork as always!

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The company filed a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission this morning and will discuss the currently expected charge on an investor conference call with the financial community later today. Mtbc 5/1/2017.64.87.23/share (stop was only.11 cents below) 75 move after my call today which I was able to make for the group due to Wayne's great volume alert. Ebio 4/3/2018.10.38.28/share (stop was only.04 cents below). Today, our agenda included Barrels with its shooting sports focus and Bows, which features archery. The public can access the conference call via a simultaneous webcast.

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229 move today after my call! Yuma 7/10/2017.51.35.84/share (stop was only.11 cents below) Nice 55 move today after my call. Day Seven Well, this.

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Unfortunately, I was unable to bring a camera on the white water rafting trip. I highly recommend it to fellow members of BSA. Right after our meal the colors were raised and we participated in our daily ritual of reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance, Scout Oath and Scout Law. 77 move today after the call!

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Mbrx 8/1/2017.99.40.41/share (stop was only.10 cents below) Nice move today after my mention on the mic after EricN posted the idea first. Given this issue, I expect the unit to have been equipped with a fairly new Ballard Power stack, so the potential damage might not be limited to Plug Power's business. Hmny 1/24/2018.51.65.14/share (stop was only.15 cents below).

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PG E Corporation and the Utility have liability insurance from various insurers, which provides coverage for third-party liability attributable to the Northern California wildfires in an aggregate amount of approximately 840 million, subject to an initial self-insured retention of 10 million per occurrence and further. Where: px, how: Live over the Internet log on to the web at the address above.