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But it isn't an 'Innovative Trading Tool' as claimed lol. 11/2/15 m As the site is keen to tell you "Knowledge is Power so now you know that it's just an MLM with no product, you are empowered. It's well known as a Hyip (Ponzi) and not a genuine miner. You risk your Btc, and you are handing it to a complete stranger. 7/2/17 m see Mybigcoin t Coins that are just too big to send back to you.

The Foreign Exchange Market

Not hard enough - It is just a hyip/scam. Not best practice really. They promise the Earth, and you get Jack Shit! 7/8/16 m They can offer a Zillion percent, but it doesn't make it real.

Retirees, Should You Buy or Rent When Downsizing?

Simple, they take your bitcoin, they trade it for dollars, they disappear. Just a thief with a webpage. 5/30/18 m All you will earn here is experience.

Bitpanda, buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

10/19/17 Firemine AltSwap Mineco Iluveunc These scams are associated with one serial scammer. 3/30/15 Bitcoin Chef Promises interest in 1hr, may return small deposits while building trust.

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100 lies, 100 loss if you send you money to this thief. Wake up, this is the real world!