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A personal synthesis, truth: the Financial International, the Capitalist Communist one. Max Warburg, brother of Paul Warburg, founder of the.S.

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About 1770, a syndicate of bankers led by Mayer Rothschild started the "illuminati a Satanic cult designed to subvert society. Eichmann, "Eichmann Tells His Own Damning Story Life Magazine, Volume 49, Number 22, (28 November 1960. Liberalism, reform, revolution) is used to take power from the Old Order (monarch, landed aristocracy, church, army) and transfer it to our hands, the power of "Gold" and the despotism of Capital which is entirely in our hands." The State is dependent on us,. (Hilberg, "The Politics of Memory. Are among countless octopus arms.

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His design was to conquer the.S.S.R in a loose "Nordic" alliance with England. This shows that the large Illuminati banker-controlled New York publishers want to keep Bormann's secret as much as do the Nazis. The present period might be compared to the 1930's when both sides armed and rehearsed. (David Cesarani's "Eichmann: His Life and Crimes. Another volume could be written about how Freemasonry is used.

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In an e-mail, Bjerknes replies that intermarriage is part of the "Jewish" strategy: "I believe that powerful Jewish interests have been deliberately attempting to fulfill Jewish messianic prophecy for 2,500 years and have duped many gentiles into helping them obtain their objectives. (20) In Studies in Occultism, "d in "Lightbearers of Darkness Henri de Guilbert says the Cabalist Jew "looks upon himself as the sun of humanity, the male, opposed to which other peoples are but the female, manifesting and assuring the coming of the Messianic era. Then the goyim will bow down before us, if for no other reason but to get the right to exist." Communism. Malkin reports that the.S.A. Henderson said, "from the testimonies of the survivors, it is not proved that all the murderers were Arabs." He attributed the attack to "terrorists intent on increasing the tensions in the area." (28) Thereupon the Israelis left the Armistice Commission in protest.

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One was the swastika. "All Jews are good by nature. 3) Why Hitler never sealed the Mediterranean at Gibraltar; and why the Spanish dictator Franco remained neutral, despite the huge debt he owed the Nazis from the Spanish Civil War. The visible is made up of different nationalities, whereas the invisible is composed of All jews. (Read Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler for a detailed description of Illuminati mind control techniques.) Hitler returned to Germany in May 1913 and enlisted in the German army.

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On May 16, 1975, 12,000 people packed into Detroits Cobo Hallthe largest venue in a city many considered the capital of rock n roll. Zionists are also to blame for provoking the growing hatred for Jews in 1988." (Joseph Burg, "The Toronto Star March 31, 1988)." Major Robert. Our only hope is for the "formal" to trump the "informal and for the dupes to wake up before it is too late. More reasons to tug on the heart strings of humanity.

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The human race is entering a Dark Age. Further threats to attack the Fukuyama nuclear power plant followed. And the sorriest aspect of it is that haarp influence can not be stopped by external means.